Carole Comeau

Ottawa Artist

My interests in visual Arts started at a very early age. I always loved to sketch and my drawings attracted attention amongst my classmates and family members. I then gained more assurance through formal Art classes especially by drawing live models and over the years, continued my training in College where I have acquired a degree in Arts and literature.
Ottawa has been my home for over 30 years and I truly love this city. I never tire of searching for new perspectives in well-known neighbourhoods or venture in new territories in search of an expanded point of view. Ottawa offers the right mix of cityscapes and nature. Everywhere you go, you are never far from a river, a park or a garden and this is what inspires me the most. My art expresses the love I have for people and nature.
I have been following the teachings of Bhat Boy for many years and use acrylic as my medium of choice.
A year ago, my husband and I have purchased a cottage and I spend many hours painting outside, it gives me a lot of joy. 

Please contact me if you wish to have a painting. 


Carole Comeau SIMCA